Day 2

Hey everyone, Honest Foxx here, Loving the new day! It’s been a week or so since day 1, so yeah, these aren’t every day days, just days that i get a chance to go through and find new products that don’t have fake reviews.

So I learned some interesting things today. First of all, I thought I would go through the 50 best selling products on amazon and check that out. I figured what better way to get some products going that i know people will want than to go through the top 50. I also thought that such well known products would take issue with unethical business practices, seeing as they are under a higher level of scrutiny. Boy was i wrong!!!!

I won’t lie, I started to get a bit discouraged by the top selling products that actually did have high numbers of fake reviews. After reviewing Ebanel laboratories on day one, a company with thousands of reviews, and finding fake ones there, i thought for sure that most of the bigger companies wouldn’t dare do that. It seems to me that might actually be the opposite of the truth. I identified several companies that had thousands of reviews, and they failed inspection. It seems fake reviews are how some of these companies get big in the first place

Fortunately we were able to find some good ones as well.

I have a long way to go before i run through all 50 of those products. especially since when we add a product that passes we try to find other products by that same seller, helps us add more than just one at a time. But I wanted to talk a little bit about one or maybe two sellers that really surprised me with their commitment to integrity.

That’s right, its amazon itself. (also selling under amazon basics)

As i said before, I started to get discouraged at the massive amount of money that amazon was making off of sellers who post fake reviews. I even began to wonder if Amazon even cared about the integrity of their sellers. Maybe its not just a flaw in the automated software. But thankfully my faith in Amazon has been restored today. I searched through dozens of Amazon and Amazon basics products, and I am excited to tell you that I couldn’t find a single review that failed my testing. So today, and maybe for a few days to come we will be adding as many amazon basics products as we can. Great job amazon on keeping your integrity, now maybe we can work on the other fraudulent sellers, and getting rid of them. 1 fake review is too many!!!

Sadly though not all of our sellers were as lucky today. Two of the sellers we blacklisted today seemed to have really good products. If they had just avoided the fake reviews i would have been proud to add them. Unfortunately we had to scour their competitors for similar products that were just as good, and actually honest.

Congratulations to our sellers who made it on our site today

  • Instant Pot
  • Host
  • Pat your Pet
  • Amazon
  • Amazon Basics

And our condolences to our recently blacklisted sellers today

  • Zonli
  • Delomo

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