Day 1

Hi everyone – I’m The Honest Foxx, here to tell you a little about what we do. Here at The Honest Foxx we have discovered that many people who are searching for new products rely heavily on product reviews to make their purchasing decision.

Amazon is a huuuuuuuuge marketplace with millions of sellers, and policing all of those reviews is such a big job that amazon has automated the process. Sure you can report a fake review manually, but its really too much for amazon to handle.

The problem with an automated process is that computers are searching for keywords, specific phrasing, and out of place information. The problem with automation is that it isn’t as adaptable like a person is. Automated fraud detection software relies on a pre-programmed set of conditions that it is looking for. if no-one thought to program those conditions, or if dishonest companies constantly change strategies, the programmers just can’t keep up.

Thats why we started The Honest Foxx – Amazon products, purchased with your amazon account, but without the fake reviews. We do the deep digging for you!!! Please support our mission by searching for a product you need with us first. If we don’t have it, we can find options for you usually within a few days, and send you an email once we found some.

Add the products you want to your cart here, then click checkout on amazon to import the products to your amazon cart and check out directly with them. You get the product for the same price as before, and we can continue our work finding honest sellers to buy from.

Congratulations to our sellers who made it on our site today

  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Numbify
  • Jabra

And our condolences to our recently blacklisted sellers today

  • Ebanel Laboratories

When you want honest Amazon Reviews – Trust The Honest Foxx